User Features

flash empowered editor

The key to alahup! is its flash based interface which brings the power of a desktop application inside the browser : drag & drop, copy / paste, interactive panels, vector graphics,...

The Editor namely takes advantage of Flash unique features such as multiple file upload with progression bar.

semantic editing

Forget about What You See Is What You Get!

What a modern web site needs is What You See Is What You Mean.

In alahup! integrated editor, every element (paragraph, list, list item, image group, images, ...) has user-defined properties authors can use to give a meaning to the content (or to serve any other purpose).

Using containers also lets them describe many elements at once, as easily as drag&drop.


Immediately spot any change in your site, compare with past versions.

Define areas that can be saved, published or rolled back independently of each other.

Recover partial content from an old snapshot back to the draft site.

ajax-powered "web 2.0" backoffice

Ajax is a new technique for developing web applications that allows for better interaction with the interface and saves from having to unnecessarily refresh the page.

alahup! makes use of Ajax to create a smooth user experience.

interactive sitemap

Within the editor, an interactive sitemap gives a hierarchical representation of the site.

The sitemap lets you access directly to any block of content, but also lets you visualize links between the pages, and perform mass operations such has duplication or deletion of whole parts at once.

non destructive image scaling

Original images are stored in the database. They are scaled dynamically, cached and displayed according to the specifications of the site, their properties, the properties of the group they belong to, etc.

No need to "scale at home" and re-upload.

What's more, alahup! provides means to effortlessly group images (and their captions) that automatically fit in perfectly shaped columns or rows.

Want to narrow that column a little? Images are automatically re-scaled to fit.

In future versions, alahup! will also provide non destructive cropping.


Currently localized in English, German and French. Open to new languages.