Publishing Content

Movie tutorial !

Watch ajax-powered publishing features in action.

Before you publish any content, you need to make a snapshot of the area you want to put online.

Making a snapshot

  • Go to Publishing > changes.

  • Make sure the dropdown menu is set to Display changes in Draft Site (and make snapshots).

If changes have been made in the draft site, they will be displayed for each area.

Here we have two areas (Default and Releases), and changes have been made in the Default area :


Click on the create a snapshot link.

Describe the snapshot and save. (You can also submit directly the snapshot to checkout by clicking the submit to checkout checkbox).


Snapshots that are submitted to checkout have a “small glasses” icon.

Submitting a snapshot to checkout

  • Go to Publishing > snapshots

  • Click on a checkbox to select a snapshot.

  • Press the "submit to checkout" button.

You can do so in each area.