Editing Content

In the backoffice, go to "Editing".

You can open the Draft Site Browser, the Editor, or both.

The draft site browser is a window that displays the draft version of the site, plus a small toolbar on top.

the Draft Site Browser


You can browse this site normally, or enter an url directly in the toolbar.

In the draft site browser, the url doesn't include http:// nor the site name.

At the root, the url is simply blank.

It should only be made of alphanumeric characters, or slash (/) to define some hierarchy.

Ex : products/alahup/download

You will notice that little hands are displayed next to editable content. This can be disabled by clicking the hand button in the toolbar.

If you click on a little hand, the content opens in the editor.

Watch the tutorial on how to create content.

the Editor

While most publishing solutions boast about their "revolutionary" WYSYWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, alahup!'s editor lets you enter content semantically.

Watch the tutorials to learn how alahup! achieves this.