This the procedure to follow to upgrade to a new version of alahup.

Of course, you should always read the "read me" from the new package that may contain specific instructions.

  • copy the new alahup folder to some place.

  • copy the _config.ini, _config.local.ini, _config.prod.ini, and _remote.ini files from your current alahup/engine folder to the new alahup/engine folder.

  • replace your current alahup/engine folder with the new alahup/engine folder.

  • replace the your current manager.php file with the new one.

  • read the instructions that come along with the new package: you may need to run an upgrading script from the command line.

    For example, in order to ugrade your sites from alahup 1.0 to alahup 1.1, you need to run the engine/tools/upgrade/1_0_to_1_1.php script:

    • "cd" to your alahup engine:

      cd /path/to/alahup
    • Run the upgrade script. You may need to invoke the php5 binary if your install is not standard.


      OS X, "entropy" PHP install :
      OS X, MAMP PHP install :
      /Applications/MAMP/bin/php5/bin/php engine/tools/upgrade/1_0_to_1_1.php
      Windows, cygwin+xampp install (type on a single line!) :
      /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/xampp/php/php.exe /engine/tools/upgrade/1_0_to_1_1.php
    • You will be prompted for a letter corresponding to the site you want to upgrade.

    • Repeat the script for every site.

  • Run the dashboard, from the manager, which you should be familiar with.

  • Make sure everything works fine locally.

  • You are now ready to sync your production server.

  • From the command-line, run the update_engine.php script.

  • Run the update_site.php script in order to update every site running with the upgraded engine.

  • Run the manager's dashboard of your PRODUCTION site.