Syncing Tools

Syncing features require the file engine/_remote.ini to be filled in.

This file contains the parameters of the ssh connection to the remote production server.

Two command-line scripts let you udpate your production server and sites remotely via ssh using rsync.

In fact, you can even remotely install and configure the alahup! engine and its websites without even logging via ftp.

Note to Windows users

On Windows, alahup! command-line scripts must be run inside Cygwin, which provides a Linux-like environment.

However, since the php binary from xampp resides outside Cygwin, the scripts must me launched in a different way.

First, move to alahup install, probably like this :

cd /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/xampp/htdocs/alahup

Then, instead of launching a script like this :

./engine/tools/update_engine --install

... launch it like this :

/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/xampp/php/php.exe ./engine/tools/update_engine --install

If you are new to the terminal, please note that previously entered commands are saved in the history. You can browse it with up and down arrow keys.

Also, don't overlook the auto-completion with the TAB key while you are typing.