You do not need a license to develop a site, not even to install alahup on a production server for testing.

You only need a license at deployment time, when you want the published site to be visible. Without a license, the published site's visibility is restricted.

Licenses are perpetual.

With any license, you are elligible for all future alahup! updates, forever!

Obtaining a license

Currently, two offers are available:

  • Free site license for a new registration to Dreamhost

    • Subscribe to a new Dreamhost hosting offer and provide "alahup" as the referrer.

    • Apply for a free "Dreamhost" license at and Indicate your Dreamhost webid in the purchase process. (Of course you need to have first).

    • Wait for your application to be validated, and download your temporary license file. This license is valid during the Dreamhost tryout period but expires thereafer.

    • After the Dreamhost tryout period, you will be able to download the final license file.

  • Standard $249 per site license

    Go to pay with Paypal, and download your license file immediately. (Of course you need to have first).

Installing the license file

The license file ("license.key") you download from should be put in the site's folder, at the same level of the "alahup" and "www" folders.

Don't put it manually on the production server: put it in your local install and launch the upate_site script.