Installing On Dreamhost

alahup! is supported on any kind of Dreamhost hosting plan, including the Crazy Domain Insane Plan !

Enabling ssh

Make sure the shell is enabled for your Dreamhost user :

  • Go to Users > Manage Users.

  • Edit the user.

  • Make sure "enable ssh/telnet" is checked.

Configuring the domain

  • Go to Domains > Manage Domains.

  • Edit the domain.

  • Make sure "Runs as CGI" and "PHP Version 5" are checked.

  • Make sure the "FTP / CGI runs as user" is the same user as above.

  • "Increased security" can be checked.

  • Other option should be left unchecked.

Configuring _remote.ini

In your local alahup! install, edit the engine/_remote.ini file.

This is an example of configuration with a DreamHost sub-domain :

engine/_remote.ini :
host =
user = yourusername
path =


Launch the "install engine" script and choose the Single Site (Dreamhost) option.

The alahup! engine will be remotely installed along with the site.