Creating A New Site

On Mac OS X and Windows, you can just double-click the new_site.term or new_site.bat script from the scripts (...) folder that came along in the compressed archive.

From the terminal, run the script in engine/tools/new_site.php. (doing this from the terminal is required because user permissions (not the webserver permissions) are required on this step):

cd /path/to/alahup/folder

Follow the instructions:

  • Create a new site from the "basic" template.

  • Call it "mysite" for example.

  • Hit return to answer yes to other questions.

It should look like this:

Available templates: a) alahup b) basic c) lachoseinteractive b New site's short name : mysite Selected template has a sample sqlite database. Do you want to use it ? y) Yes n) No [default: y] : Database name (site content) : [default: mysite_data.db] : Database name (logs) : [default: mysite_log.db] : Configuring the site ...done. In order to finalize the install, please go here : You should then be able to connect to : with login 'root' and password 'root'.

Now, go back to the manager and the dashboard to finalize the install. Required folders, database files and configuration files are automatically created.

Click the "admin" link near the site name to log in to the site's backoffice with login "root" and password "root".

The first thing you should do is choose a new root password by following the link of the warning in red on the welcome page.