Anatomy Of A Page

Zones and blocks

A page can have several zones in it, where blocks of content are displayed.

This text you are reading is currently displayed in the Main Content zone.

The menu on the left is in the Left Menu zone.

The designer can create as many zones as needed.

Zones don't have to be static: it's possible, at the template level, to make zones that look different according to some rule.

For example, the presence of some content in a Right Column zone could make the Main Content zone narrower.

You cannot have more than one block in a zone.

Zones are defined in config/zones.xml.


A block of content can be sticky.

Let's say you created a block in a zone at url products.

If you set it to "sticky", this block will also be displayed in any sub-section of products (products/alahup, products/whatsnew, etc) unless another block overrides it.

This is a very convenient way to display menus or section titles!