For the impatient, we set up a demo site which is a clone of our alahup! web site.

Want to have a quick look at the editor?

In any case, you will need:

  • Firefox or Safari 2.0 (MSIE is not supported)

  • Flash Player 8

You will be prompted for a login and password:

  • login: demo

  • pass: demo

Try .

It opens the editor directly with some content (you cannot save, though).

Want to enter the admin?

Here is the .

The demo site is made of 3 .

In the Default and Release areas, you can look but you can't touch!

Thankfully, you can do more in the Sandbox area.

These restrictions are defined in the screen.

Want to see how the demo site is made?

You can browse the project files of this demo site .