Localized in English, French and German

Main features

  • semantic editing - no code - through a customized Flash interface

  • interactive sitemap

  • versioning

  • live stats

  • clean URLs

  • Bingo Sites

  • Ajax powered backoffice

  • Free license to new DreamHost hosters!

  • Localized in English, French and German

  • Easy to find solutions to play online

Developer features

  • 100% control over the output, at the tag level

  • 100% of the content (including images) stored in a single database

  • SQLite and MySQL/InnoDB support

  • PHP5 & Smarty templates powered

  • No FTP needed: production files are synchronized from local development files via rsync

A new way to make and manage web sites

alahup! is both a framework that lets web designers develop full featured, professional, standards compliant dynamic web sites, and an integrated content management system.